20 Best Home Decorating Ideas


Read this House Beautiful article and you will be inspired to make some changes!

  1.  Add wallpaper and paint or a few accent colors!
  2.   Add a statement tablecloth for a designer look!
  3.   Re-Organize your bookshelves.
  4.   Turn your floor blue for a POP of color.
  5.    Mix and match chairs for an eclectic look.
  6.    Brighten up built-ins.
  7.    Spruce up window shades.
  8.    Try a patch of wallpaper.
  9.    Make bedding changes.
  10.    Add a modern flair.
  11.    Mix in a new pattern.
  12.    Show off an antique.
  13.    Dress up your hallways.
  14.    Move furniture away from the walls.
  15.    Paint something white.
  16.    Add a cheerful accent color.
  17.    Display a collection.
  18.    Create a statement wall.
  19.    Paint half the wall for a dramatic look.
  20.    Recover the furniture.
  21.    Use a bright colorful curtain.
  22.    Hang art on a bookshelf.

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