What is your French Country Style?

French Country style is inspired by the  influence of Provence, South of France.   Time worn furniture and homes inspired by vine yards and rolling hills!  Farmhouse colors are Ochare , Dusty Rose and Soft Green.  Cyprus trees, fields of Lavender, Vine yards and Olive trees inspire French Country!  French Country means the art of good living with good food a slower lifestyle and a feeling of going back in time.

There are four styles of French Country:

CHATEAU:  A manor house or residence of the Lord of the Manor.  Chateau denotes wine areas, traditional furniture and art passed from generation to generation. Color scheme is soft shades of Orange, Rust, Red and Pink.


COUNTRY FRENCH: Features include bright colored fabric, textured walls and distressed painted furniture.  Fabrics in Blue, Yellow, Red and White.  Gold framed paintings, Sunflowers and Roosters.


PROVENCAL: Colors from the sun, earth tone, stone, trees, fruit and flowers that are unique to Provencal decor.  Lavender fields, sun flowers, sun ripened tomatoes and olive trees.

PARISIAN:  Bold with color!  Parisian interiors has distinct Paris elements.  Antiques and historical influences are very important to Parisian decor details!







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